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Aigo BS is a leader in provision of complex solutions in printing business that provides adequate and quality customer service.

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Aigo BS is a dynamic, modern and innovative Company that builds its business on a proactive approach.

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Our mission is to offer our customers and partners the best solutions through strong business strategy and a range of distinguished products and complex services.

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We provide individual donations, support and contributions to quality and success of humanitarian campaigns on the national and international level.

Printing Solutions


Printing Solutions

Reduce your printing costs by 20-60%

Aigo BS Company print optimization through a new consultative process aimed at uncovering the cost-cutting potential

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Dell Storage SCv2000

Users think that many cheap storage devices were designed with the aim to achieve one goal – to provide maximum performance and to push the baseline to the minimum. In addition to all the standard functionalities, Dell Storage SCv2000 provides advanced data protection and improved data management.

SCv 2000 series with Intel® Xeon® processor brings:

Fantastic performances – Input/Output Operations per Second. With more than 85,000 IOPS in just 2U chassis, SCv2000 series boasts performances that enable the user to drive critical applications at maximum speed.

Improved recovery point objectives (RPOs). With to up to 2000 snapshots and 500 replications, SCv2000 series brings significantly improved recovery time objective (RTOs and RPOs) for its users.

Even more powerful, efficient and safer heart of your data centre. Dell servers feature Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® SSD and Intel® 10GB convergent network adapters.

Our Partners

Our Partners