AIGO BS and Canon – Working Breakfast with members of the SAM


EffectiveOffice Innovative DMS approach to office processes’ and workflow management

On Wednesday, May 17, in the premises of the Serbian Association of Managers, a working breakfast was organized to present the EffectiveOffice concept, an innovative approach to electronic document management system for everyday office business.

Guest lecturers, Darko Minić, Manager of the AIGO Business System Outsourcing Department and Ademir Ćurtović, MPS Sales Manager/BDM Canon CEE, presented all the specific features and advantages of this concept, with a series of illustrative examples on the simplest and best solutions for improvement of office business environment.

When he spoke about the main topic of this working breakfast, Darko Minić, Manager of the Outsourcing Department in the AIGO Business System Company, mentioned different everyday problems faced in business, along with the fact that companies had managed to modernize numerous business procedures, but somehow failed in doing so with the document management processes that never changed significantly.

“According to the research, searching for documents on average takes more than four hours a week, which is impacting productivity of individual employees, and is then reflected on the effects of the business as a whole. The creators of the EffectiveOffice solution looked into the reasons for this and managed to pinpoint the problem. Solutions for document management should be simple and easily accessible, so that they can be seamlessly implemented in different companies, irrespective of their size and business field.”

Continuing on the topic of modern business processes, which include an orderly, managed and transparent working environment, Darko Minić also pointed out all the functional advantages and available options of this flexible system.

“EffectiveOffice enables linking of all the work places, devices and business documents together in a single place; conversion of the documents in paper form and hardcopies into an electronic format; access to documents even when working in the field, through the use of mobile devices; improved allocation and supervision of document processing; higher productivity, lower costs, safe and secure web access to company information, improved management of different business processes, shorter response time and improved user services.”

Some concrete steps in the implementation of this system were also presented to the attendees, aiming at achieving as authentic presentation of the complete course of office processes’ improvement as possible.

At the event closure, Ademir Ćurtović, MPS Sales Manager/BDM Canon CEE, addressed the guest to briefly present the product portfolio of the Canon Company, with special highlight on the EffectiveOffice solutions. On that occasion, he informed the attendees of the Working Breakfast about the experiences and practice in the implementation of this product in different markets in this region. In addition to that, he also spoke about the huge potential of this project in the Serbian market, in which the Canon Company granted the exclusive partnership status to AIGO Business System Company and its experts.