Mission, vision and strategy


Company mission is to offer our customers and partners the best solutions through strong business strategy, a range of distinguished products and complex services tailored to individual clients’ requirements and consultations.

Aigo BS creates added value by providing quality repair and maintenance services of the leading global brands, by recognizing new business opportunities and by setting the market trends. Aigo BS aims to keep its distinctive features in high quality and uniqueness in prompt service and to be synonymous of a successful and responsible company.


The Company aims to:

  • At the times of intensive changes, keep its role of the most reliable partner and the characteristics of a modern, innovative company that offers the best quality products in IT industry and contributes to improved quality of work for the users;
  • Creates an increasingly recognizable brand that will justify its success through users’ satisfaction;
  • Continue its way as the market leader in printing business;
  • Provide stimulating environment for its employees, to motivate them and inspire to achieve desired results and their business goals and objectives;
  • As a company that nurtures socially responsible business and creates joint values, to participate and get involved for the benefit of its broader community, through significant projects on the national, regional and local levels.


Business strategy of the Company is based on the key values of AIGO BS that are at the same time the pillars of its success:

  • Quality – the Company employs maximum efforts to keep its products and services within the highest quality range
  • Responsibility – both through its business, and through active contribution to development and wellbeing of the society to which this Company strongly belongs
  • Result – success that is measurable in sales, relations with its employees, partners and clients
  • Innovativeness – approach to clients and through setting new trends in the business sphere
  • Employees – driving force that contributes to Company growth and development on a daily basis
  • Team spirit – indispensable for achievement of the joint goal for which we are all mutually responsible
  • Trust – the Company achieves it in relations with its clients and partners, it is the foundation for its sustainable development


AIGO BS founded its corporate responsibility on:

  • Primarily on its social responsibility:
    Responsibility to the clients – we have provided a range of quality products and services and integrated them in our Company’s unique offer for the clients, so that they can simplify their business operations and make their business activities easier to pursue;
    Responsibility to our partners – by complying with our contractual obligations and codes of business, through synergy and trust, we are building success, and by achieving success, we prove that we are a reliable business partner;
    Responsibility to our employees – we invest in the development of our key resource, we listen to our employees’ ideas and while complying with our business strategy, we implement their ideas in our business operations;
  • We provide support and sponsorship for many talented individuals, athletes, social and educational campaigns, as well as to some cultural activities;

  • Humanitarian responsibilities
    By providing donations, we assist people in need, contribute to quality and success of humanitarian campaigns on the national and global level, for our common benefit and wellbeing;
  • Environmental protection
    Our Company is environmentally aware, both in respect of the production processes’ and in the service sector.

Our Partners

Our Partners