Judicial Efficiency – Supplies of the IT equipment, Lot 1: IT equipment supply

The Project successfully contributed to the improvement and upgrading of ICT infrastructure of the Serbian judiciary, owing to which the judicial strategic, operational and functional performances have been significantly improved, which has all further resulted in strengthening of the efficiency of the judiciary system in the Republic of Serbia. Necessary equipment for operation of courts and prosecution offices throughout the country was renewed and the existing capacities for data storage were expanded to eliminate the soft spots of the data centre.
AIGO BS successfully implemented Lot 1 of this tender, which included procurement of IT equipment.
Top quality equipment of different brands with recognizable quality, such as the DELL work stations, HP laser printers for A3 format, Fujitsu scanners, DELL servers with accompanying equipment, Netapp data storage, etc., was delivered and installed.

Title: Judicial Efficiency – supplies of the IT equipment, Serbia; Lot 1: IT equipment supply
Project implementation period: December 2015 – July 2016
Grant beneficiary: Republic of Serbia, High Judiciary Council
Equipment type: IT equipment