Supply of computers, IT equipment and peripherals, video and photo equipment

AIGO BS Company has successfully participated in a significant project aimed at modernization of the existing structure of ICT equipment. We are proud of another point earned in a series of successful realisation of different projects, which has proven that adequate organisation of work will always result in success.

Project: Supply of capital equipment for the needs of scientific and research organizations, Supply reference no. IOP/12-2015/G
Subproject: Centralized system for recording and supply of supplies for scientific and research organizations. Lots:

  • LOT 1 – Portable computers
  • LOT 5 – Printers and scanners

Project implementation period: June – September 2016
Contracting Authority: JUP “Istraživanje i razvoj” d.o.o. Beograd
Grant beneficiary: Schools and Institutes throughout Serbia
Equipment type: IT equipment