Supply of IT equipment for project “Improvement of effectiveness of the employment policy vis-à- vis vulnerable groups”, a project realized by the National Employment Service

The Tender for realisation of project entitled ‘’Increasing effectiveness of the employment policy vis- à-vis vulnerable groups” was announced by the National Employment Service and the project was financed from the General Budget of the European Union (the grant was awarded directly from the EU IPA 2012 Programme).

The aim of the project was to improve the functioning of institutions and to thus raise the social and economic development in Serbia on a higher level by achieving improved employment rates, improving education levels (and thus the competitiveness’ levels of the workforce in Serbia), by enabling the inclusion of persons from vulnerable groups in employment programs. The program also included provision of additional training courses for the unemployed or retraining of the unemployed persons throughout Serbia. The key task was to provide assistance to the unemployed in finding employment through implementation of a series of activities.

In order to achieve this objective, it was necessary to invest in the supply of new IT equipment. The network of institutions of the National Employment Service, in addition to the existing branch offices, includes clubs for employment seeking, information and professional counselling centres (CIPS in Serbian) and self-service work stations (SRS), as well as the employment caravans that are strategically dispersed throughout Serbia.

AIGO BS faced a specific challenge in realisation of this project – in addition to excellent organisation of logistical support (a substantial number of different locations for the supply of equipment and a complex system of the project beneficiaries), the preparatory phase for and before the supply of equipment was a substantial task in itself. Owing to excellent planning and organisation, allocation of tasks in different segments (allocation of tasks among employees), the project was completed without a single mistake and within the agreed deadline.

Project: “Increased effectiveness of the employment policy vis-à- vis vulnerable groups”
Lot 3: Supply of IT equipment
Project implementation period: February – June 2016
Grant beneficiary: National Employment Service
Equipment type: IT equipment (Dell desktop computers, Fujitsu laptop computers, Lexmark
printers, Epson projectors, Epson scanners, Panasonic phones, etc.)