Solutions for Office Printing

Aigo BS Company has developed a new consultations process called the Printing Optimization, aimed at revealing the savings potential and pinpointing individual needs of a business system, that reduces the printing costs by 20-60%.
Aigo BS Printing Optimization System is a logistics and holistic concept aimed at achieving timely delivery of the right document to the right location and to the intended recipient. This system combines the consulting services, hardware-software implementation and operational work.
The optimization concept provides a number of essential, but critical advantages:

• Complete transparency of costs incurred
Costs’ transparency per individual employees is now made possible. As the result of Printing Optimization, current potential of your existing and new copy machines, printers and fax devices shall be defined and demonstrated. Based on the relevant data, we can offer a single contract and a single price for all the systems on the monthly level. This approach shall make your internal administration simple, flexible and manageable.

• Integrated hardware and software solutions
Our solutions and suggestions are provided based on our knowledge of the latest hardware trends and they additionally include improvements and proposals for system solutions and applications for control, connectivity, archiving, etc.

• Efficiency of office processes
We check the efficiency of your office processes in your company to see whether the system includes any local/network printers, available options for centralization and efficient management of your existing equipment, with the aim to streamline the work process.

• Continuous remote control
Continuous monitoring of all the network and local devices in a business system.

• Management
Regular reports to company management and our suggestions for further improvements

• Proactive approach services
Automatic delivery of consumables, automatic maintenance services and much more

What can you expect from us?

At no additional costs, we shall analyse your current situation and collect available information. Upon conducting an in-depth analysis, we shall present our expertise on the savings potential in your system related to the use of printers, copying machines and fax devices, work processes, as well as on the potentials for integrated hardware-software solutions. Together with the final report, we shall deliver to you our non-binding proposal for a unique printing solution, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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Our Partners