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Lexmark corporate cartridge is synonymous with long and reliable operation. This is due to the innovations in the Unison tonner system. This System provides optimum performance and superior print quality and at the same time boasts a significantly smaller carbon footprint than Lexmark’s biggest competitor.

In addition to that, the corporate cartridge is produced in the EU, which guarantees continuous product availability, minimum environmental impact of the product supply chain and significant contribution to the local economy.


Since 1991, the Lexmark Company offers free and simple methods for the return of empty cartridges with tonners to their customers. The leading Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP) follows a zero landfill and incineration policy, ensuring that all the empty cartridges returned from customers are reused or recycled to their greatest environmental benefit. With the assistance of our buyers, the number of returned cartridges rose by more than 25 times since 1996, and in last year only more than 10,000 tonnes of materials was saved from landfills.

Advantages of genuine HP tonners

  • Don’t compromise on performance

    Save Time

    Designed for high performance and increased productivity, Lexmark’s print system is powered by Unison Toner. Because of its formulation, Unison starts printing sooner than our previous toners, so you won’t waste time waiting for documents to print!

  • Štampajte da impresionirate

    Innovative Design

    Unison Toner’s unique formulation has special characteristics and performance attributes that enable its shake-free performance and make key product features possible.

  • Get more for your money

    Advanced Supplies Features

    Lexmark takes the guesswork out of supplies! Your printer will automatically alert you when supplies begin to run low. And when supplies get really low, your printer will display the estimated number of pages remaining, so you’ll always know exactly when replacement supplies are needed.

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